(c) Alejandro Cerdena

The Liebster Award 

I was nomitated by a fellow French blogger MyBantuDiary to do the liebster challenge to get know me better.

  • What motivated you to create this blog? 

It all started a month ago during the AFCON ( African Cup Of Nation) i was watching the news from my country of origin Cameroon and i was stunned, so many questions started flowing : Why aren’t we talking what you Cameroonians are doing? Why are we talking about kids going to the pool on Saturday on national TV when there are thousands of Afro-descendants people creating businesses, artists, entrepreneurs that we should focus on to motivate the youth?

Then i started listing what i new and it all came quick i would start a blog to show that we should be aware of what people are doing around us.

  • What topics of interest do you mostly talk about on your blog and why?  

I mostly talk about fashion, entrepreneurship, art, beauty and bloggers those are my main topics. Why? Simply because they cover a wide array of what i’m interested in and what i’m inspired by.

  • Junk food or gastronomic? 

I’d go for gastronomic restaurant all day !

  • What is your perfect destination for a holiday with your significant other? 

I’d go for Zanzibar any day ! I’m a traveller so Seychelles and the caribbean are also on my map as well as Bali i mean if i had to chose Zanzibar would win.

  • Is there a magazine you often read? and Why? 

I tend not to read magazines anymore i love to read books but i can’t tell you the last magazine i bought lol it’s been too long.

  • Can you be a blogger without talking about your private life? 

Absolutely, the key is to always know your limit. I personally think it depends on your angle. My angle is for the reader to briefly know who i am, to get an idea but my private life is off limits. There are plenty subjects to explore without giving away too much, the mind is a wonderful thing for that 🙂

  • How do you perceive the concept Lifestyle in your blog? Is it mandatory? 

I hate the word ” Lifestyle” it’s being used so much we don’t even know what it means anymore. Lifestyle refers to the way you live your life or it could also mean trendy. But at this point everything is lifestyle i use that word once on the YoungAndAfro IG page because i have to make the description short lol I think it’s still useful when it’s being done right.

  • What are your favorite clothing brands? 

I love Missguided, Bershka, Forever 21 , Asos and Levi’s for all of my jeans that’s where i mosthly shop from.

  • What dream  would you accomplish first if you won the lotto? 

I would  TRAVEL to places i have never been before.

  • According to you : life is worth living if you’re rich or if you have an incredible family? 

To me, family is gold rich or poor they are your blood so i’d go for family over everything.

  • Did you enjoy answering these questions? 

Actually i did 🙂