Tiny And Brown

Tiny And Brown : A zest of fresh air

The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Our Black Berry Queen of the week is a Belgian Youtuber : TinyAndBrown.
Gloria Grace Ade is Ghanaijarian – Ghanaian & Nigerian- as she states herself in her Instagram bio. For all her Sweet Papayas aka her subscribers, she is one unique youtuber. The 22 year old young woman has graduated in Marketing and boast her 45 000+ sweet papayes on Youtube. Gloria’s content is creative, detailed, informative and hilarious.


Gloria Grace Ade aka TinyAndBrown


Content is key and Gloria has mastered that art. From hauls, make-up tutorials to tips on how to deal with preparing your exams the belgium-based beauty guru has range. Sharing her own beauty secrets, she is a breath of fresh air on the YT. Gloria’s angle on every video she puts out brings something new, i.e tips & tricks for all type of skin and all type of women.



All rights reserved to Gloria Grace Ade. 


One thing that subscribers often complains about is “ Trust” with so many Youtubers and so much disappointed, it’s hard to know if you’re being scammed or nah. Gloria has her own take on the amount of research she puts into her videos but one thing is for sure, when it’s about skincare she’s our go-to girl.


Gloria’s personnality shines throughout her videos, she is one funny, energetic and sassy chick who always has her way of making you smile. From the very beginning her intro is catchy and I’ve caught myself repeating it with her. She is French-speaking youtuber so unfortunately only French speaking subscribers will catch certain jokes but check her out !


Gloria Grace Ade

Follow TinyAndBrown on : Youtube & Intagram.


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