Haute Couture in Dakar : Meet Fatou Noba

Fatou Noba is one of a kind : a firm believer in her dreams, her destiny and someone willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Meet the actress, model and entrepreneur Fatou Noba. It all started at the tender age of 19 when she took a leap of faith and decided to model instead of pursuing her studies. She didn’t want to only be a ” model” it was more than that, it was about proving that she could reach anything without having to come from a priviledged background, especially as an African woman. Her tenacity, her drive and her work ethic made the difference especially to her family eyes who we know African families (lol) modeling is not really a ” hurray” moment.


Fatou Noba (c) Mario Epanya

Fast forward to the year 2016, Fatou is now 27 has modeled for Balmain, Issey Miyake and more known designers. But if the young woman from Senegal and Guinea-Bissau origins is featured on this article is for ther latest project : Style Challenge Africa.


Style Africa Challenge (c) DR

The idea sparked out of a will to put forward African culture, fashion, style and fabrics throughout her own tv program. It is Heidi Klum Project Haute Couture show which rang a bell and in 2015, she made it happen in Senegal. The show features 11 candidates from several countries on the continent battling for the title and 3 000 euros which in francs CFA ( Senegalese currency) is equivalent to 2 million. The first season lured in great numbers in terms of audience, and the 2nd one aired last year. Style Challenge Africa is about revealing talented individuals and opening doors for new ideas and projects to grow.


Style Africa Challenge Team

Indeed, the first contestant to ever win was Jessica Sevignon who now owns her fashion line JAD. For the second season, members of the jury include : Parfait Ikouba, Sidy Dia and Fatou Noba herself and is presented by Mariama Baldé.

Fatou now lives in Dakar and is exploring several projects including starring on the big screen !


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