Where to buy from African designers ?

African fashion is not only about wax prints or ankara prints, it’s a lot of designers putting their talent into their creations. Some with an edgy flair , others mixing up tradition attire with modern cuts, others playing around with wax fabrics…. All of which are everywhere on the internet. I’ve selected five online shops which have made it their mission to regroup designers inspired by the motherland or supporting the made in Africa or made by Africa.

So where to find African designers as well as Africa lovers?

Our 1st stop is Osengwa…

Osengwa – A Neo African Encounter


Osengwa, which means” Beautiful” in a language of Southern Nigeria from the Itsekiri people is a place for the African diaspora to discover young African artists channeling their identity with a modern twist. Aside from the artistic aspect, you’ll find some of my favorite designers: Sisiano, I.am Isigo or Kamokini.

Shop here

Oxosi : Viva Africa !



Oxosi,  a shop, a magazine, an essence. Oxosi is located in New York and is all about Afro modernism. The founders, Kolade Adeyemo and Akin Adewale had this to say concerning Afro-modernism to Vogue : “Afromodernism, focuses on a social and creative renaissance amongst the continent, and is the compendium of decades-worth of post-colonial mobility and social progress”. The platform offers luxury items from African designers, you’ll find designers from Andrea Iyamah to Lola Maleombho to Maxhosa.

Shop from Oxosi

Waxnext  – Made by Africa



This is my latest discovery on Instagram and i hope this new e-shop continues to grow ! So what is Wax next? It’s a French e-shop with a core focus on everything being made in Africa, thus creating jobs and an economic circuit. More importantly, Waxnext advocates for sustainable fashion, and discovering the local treasures of the African continent. If you’ve been following YoungandAfro on Instagram, you’ve seen Uchawi being featured which is a brand available on waxnext.

Afrikrea – Lovers of Africa


Since we’re on the French side of things let’s continue with Afrikrea. This site is suitable for any budget and you can find anything from accessories to swimwear to appliances for your home. Most importantly, Afrikrea is a space for creatives, designers and customers alike to share their passion. You can think of it as a giant Etsy with established brands as well and you have Afrikrea !

Zuvaa – Print lovers !


“Zuvaa, inspired by the Shona language of Zimbabwe word ‘Zuva’ meaning sunshine, represents the vibrancy and radiance of African culture and how our customers’ personal light shines through African aesthetics.” With a large collection of designers from Morocco to Zambia, Zuuva is a must-see !





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