Dakar Lives : Guide through the city

Let the journey begin

Starting this blog has enable us to come across creative minds challenging their environment on a daily basis. These four young entrepreneurs from DakarLives are no exception.Olivia Codou Ndiaye, Mamadou Wane aka “Papi”, MamyTall and Marouane Gasnier have founded the start-up.


Dakar Lives Founders . (c) Siaka Traoré

Dakar Lives was born out of the lack of information concerning Senegal on the web, it was as simple as that. If you want to know what’s going down in a city, ask the locals, tourists writes yes, but sometimes they may not know what’s going on under their nose. With that in mind, Dakar Lives started as an Instagram account, posting beautiful pictures of Dakar it slowly grew to be the go-to place for anything happening in Senegal as a whole, consider it the youthful version of typical country guide.


The streets of Dakar (c) Siaka Traoré


As the success unfolds, they went on to create Morocco Lives, conakrylives and bamakolives and plan on expanding their success to other West African cities. “Re-discover your city like you’ve never seen it before” sums up DakarLives.

Copyright for the header image is by @Layepro


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