3 African-owned swimwear brands you need to know

3 brands. Women owned. Prints.

With Summer around the corner, I figured I’d take a tour of some of the swimwear gems owned by black women. In previous articles I’ve mentioned Red Star Collection and Andrea Iyamah which have launched new products but we’ve tackle that later on, so I went on a haunt for other brands.

  • BFYNE : Baewatch Alert !


All copyrights reserved to Bfyne

If you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you’ve probably seen their swimsuits featured everywhere. I’ve discovered this brand on Instagram through a youtuber and their latest collection : SAHARA 2017 has everyone turning heads, with model inkmyafrica featured. If you’re into prints, edgy and bold designs this is the perfect fit for you. The owner, Buki Ade aims at showing more representation in the swimwear industry for African designers, and as a Nigerian woman, she takes pride into incorporating the latest African trends into her work.

Shop -> Bfyne

  • Assinie Bikini : Made in Cote D’ivoire



All copyrights reserved to Assinie

Another Instagram find, and this new brand comes from Cote D’ivoire, West-Africa. Assinie Bikini is a brand new brand which launched its first collection in 2017 : Couleur Soleil. The brand focuses on creating swimsuits with waxprints for a unique style and design. Assinie Bikini does not have a website yet but all purchases can be done on their Instagram page.

  • Exotica Swimwear : Colourful and exotic !

All copyrights reserved to their respectful owners and of Exotica Swimwear

This brand is owned by a French-Congolese girl living in Australia : talk about being inspired by the world. Exotica boasts a unique approach to their designs, it can be worn both sides there’s literally no “ front” which is game changer . The one thing that made Prudence launch her own brand is the lack of uniqueness in the swimsuits she was looking at while shopping. Shop the African inspired brand here !

There is a bonus brand I want to add simply because the new collection is the BOMB.com

  • ANDREA IYAMAH : Ethnic

All copyrights reserved to WillyVerse and Andrea Iyamah

I’ve done an article on Andrea Iyamah recently and well the brand launched a new collection this year. The whole inspiration and execution of the campaign is very creative and the photographer willyverse has done an incredible work. You can now purchase those on Andrea Iyamah website and the 2016 collection is on sale so snag a pair because that’s what I’m doing !

Never boring always inspiring


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