Made in Senegal : Tiossan

Skincare from ancient healers of Senegal – Tiossan 

Tiossan which originates from the Wolof “Thiosane” which means “origins” was founded by a young Senegalese entrepreneur. Magatte Wade had left her position as the CEO of Adina in 2009 when she took on the challenge of creating Tiossan, with a goal in mind: change the perception of Africa .


(c) Tiossan

The African continent is also home to successful businesses created by Africans themselves, creating valuable goods sold to the global market. The company shares ancestral beauty secrets from Senegal all wrapped up in a bottle.

Nature is your best Pharmacy – Sufi proverb 

Tiossan boast a wide range of products all natural and from the continent : Black seed oil, unrefined shea butter, rice bran oil and more goodies that are good for your skin. Tiossan is not simply another company born to make money. What’s striking about Magatte’s approach is her knowledge of her culture, her experiences which captures a glimpse of Senegal through her brand. As such, the company is in a way, an extension of Senegalese best kept secrets now revealed for all to see.

As the Sufis say “Nature is your best Pharmacy”, Tiossan has taken this saying to heart in becoming the first luxury skincare brand out of Senegal.

Discover more of Senegal secrets at Tiossan


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