Made in Senegal : Beauty products

Yes beauty products are also made in Senegal, we’ve selected two brands directly from its soil : Tiossan and Chouette Mama. Stay tuned for the post on Tiossan !

Chouette Mama was born out of the will to explore the beauty and the secrets of African plant life which remain unknown for some of us. Exploring those secrets has enabled the company to come out with different products, all of which are 100% natural.


(c) Chouette Mama

Moringa Oil, Baobab, Bissap, Gombo and more, all of which are waiting for women to explore their secrets through their products range from soap to body butters to creams. Chouette Mama works with locals, controls its supply chain and has a strong emphasis on connecting with people.


(c) Chouette Mama

People are the core of their business, which is why they work with people they trust instead of having a “ Bio” label slapped on their products. For a long time, the brand only sold to its customers in Senegal but they are sold in France, Mali, Gabon, Benin, Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Tunisia and Mauritania.


(c) Chouette Mama

Find Chouette Mama products here & activate your translator 🙂


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