Made In Senegal : The designers Part II

Part II woop woop let’s dip into Senegalese fashion designers once again !


  •  SellyRabyKane

SellyRabyKane, the Senegalese designing for your favorite celebrities, namely Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, Tiwa Savage and more. Browsing through IG, we’ve come across insanely talented designers and this designer is no exception. Launched in 2012, the eponymous brand has taken the fashion industry by storm with it’s avant garde style. The Dakar based stylist will soon open her first physical store in the city but as of right now you can check more here.

Selly Raby Kane is available on Oxosi

  • Adama Paris

Adama N’Diaye,  founder of the Dakar Fashion Week and proud owner of her fashion line is an entrepreneur, striving to promote Africa Fashion, Made In Africa to the world. AdamaParis is a bridge, a point in time where Africa and the Western world meet to create bold, modern clothing for women.

More on AdamaParis

  • SistersOfAfrika

This ready-to-wear brand has its own shop in Dakar, Senegal. Helene is a fashion designer who has been evolving in the industry for a long time. She took a leap of faith and launched her own brand. Sisters of Afrika : modern, sophisticated, chic and African. The young designer hopes to appeal to women from all backgrounds across the globe. From headwraps to gorgeous dresses, one thing is certain, Sisters Of Afrika strives to target every woman : from housewives to working girls.


More on SistersOfAfrika

  • Bouswari

The African inspired brand specializes in handmade bags and luggage made in Senegal. Bouswari was founded by Diarra Bousso Niang, a Canadian – Senegalese woman eager to share Senegalese culture and heritage throughout a wide array of products. Each product is handmade by Senegalese craftsmen. Blending traditional craftsmanship techniques to a modern design, Bouswari takes the treasures of Bassari people to the world.

Shop at Bouswari 


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