Made in Senegal : The Designers

In terms of fashion Dakar is home to some of the most creative fashion designers of the continent. Among those we’ll mention on this blog, most are women, and that is why girls run this mutha*.

Sophie Zinga

Graphic. Modern and Sophisticated.Inspired by her travel experiences across the globe, the brand embodies Haute Couture: Made In Senegal.

Sifaye Haidar

The Senegalese based fashion brand specializes in gowns, evening dresses that will have you looking chic and modern. Maimouna Sifaye Kane, started the adventure in 2013 and has since then seen her designs on worn by models during the Africa Fashion week in London in 2015.

Protect + Talibés

Protect Talibés is an association which thrives to help out abused kids forced to beg in the streets of Senegal as a whole. The association sells wax clothes handpicked in Dakar and sown in Mbour by locals and finances its actions to help the Talibés.

Tongoro Studio

Sarah Diouf realized her African Dream. Tongoro strives to be different, sourcing materials directly from the African continent, sown by locals and a complete control of the supply chain. The Dakar based atelier has a goal: make affordable, modern and playful apparel.


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