African Cuisine : The Chefs

The African gastronomy scene is slowly blooming and producing exquisite chef introducing the continent products to the gastronomic world. Some may call it Afro-fusion : a ingenious mix of traditionnal african cuisine with a the modern twist. Others may just say African gastronomy but it all has the same purpose : showcasing African cuisine at a global scale.

Dieuveil Malonga : A culinary Bridge


Dieuveil Malonga

Proud of his Bantu African roots, Dieuveil Malonga is a young Congolese gourmet chef merging African Western culture his culinary style. His “thing” is Afro Fusion and as he simply puts it, it’s a subtle blend of tradition and modernity. Malonga arrived in Germany at the age of 13 where he trained as a gourmet. His passion for cooking came from his grandmother, and he shares this passion with clients, as well as young aspiring African chefs through his own platform ” Chef In Africa “. What inspires him? Grandma recipes, and we all know they are the best, it’s where he takes his inspiration from as well as learning hidden secrets that may have not been shared yet. In 2014, he starred in Top Chef one of the most watched cooking show in France. From that exposure, things started accelerating for the young chef who strives to put African cuisine on the map.

”  My ambition is to write a new story of gastronomy which has its roots in Africa” – Dieuveil Malonga


(c) Orphee Noubissi 

More on Dieuveil Malonga


Chef Anto : A treasure from Gabon


Le Chef Anto (c) BBC Afrique

Le Chef Anto is one of  the leading faces of African gastronomy . She shares her best recipes :  a rich mix of African products and recipes with a French touch which make her cuisine unique.

Raised in Gabon, she was first meant to work in the medicine field which she pursued for the sake of her parents but soon realized she was meant to become a chef and rule the cooking world. She then studied in France at the prestigious ESCF Gerad Ferrandi, the equivalent of Harvard for a  Chef. From that, Le Chef Anto has worked in the US, cooked for the biggest French events : The French Open Roland Garros and most recently she has been sharing her tips and recipes with Afro-Cooking buyers as well as on her Youtube channel.

It is time to re-discover African cuisine which is sometimes labeled as ” inferior” because we don’t know enough.

It’s an African tour with Le Chef Anto.

Loic Dablé : Gastronomy from Cote D’ivoire


Loic Dablé

Loic Dablé is the African chef in vogue on the continent and across its borders. The chef has took on Instagram by storm by sharing his skills and creativity. His name is on everyone lips Le Figaro, Forbes Afrique, ROOTS Magazine and many more. But what’s that so special?


Well being compared to Ducasse   (one of the most famous French chef in the world) is a big deal so let’s dig.

He has had many success and failures just like the rest of us, only his love cooking prevailed when he had to make a crucial choice ( a judge ordered him to chose chose between jail or training ) and he chose cooking to start a new. His talent was raw, his personality his and his only. Both of which combined, led him to the highest spheres of gastronomy : 5 stars hotels across the globe. Loic Dablé is young, dynamic and has yet to show his full potential. He is a member of the jury on Star Chef, a cooking show on A+. If you missed him during his AfricanFoodTour, you can catch him showcasing African gastronomy at its finest at : café d’Apper Loic Dablé.

More on Loic Dablé

Chef Lorna : Cooking à la Congolaise


Cheffe Lorna Boboua Do Sacramento

Chef Lorna Boboua do Sacramento is from Congo Brazzaville, and was revealed to the African public as one of the contestants for ” Star Chef “, a cooking competition. She may have left at the semi-finals, but this inspired her to continue to work on her craft in Congo. Lorna was born in France, and has spent most of her life between France and Congo Brazzaville. She attended the best cooking instutions in France and has worked with famous French chefs. Returning to the African continent was a challenge she took on gracefully. Off to a rocky start, she decided to send her candidature to Star Chef in which the members of the jury were the fellow chefs we’ll mention on this article Loic Dablé and Chef Christian Abegan. She is now the chef of Zandoli, a gastronomic restaurant in Congo and infuses her multi-cultural background ( Congo, Togo and Brazil) through her creations.

Chef Christian Abegan : all hail Cameroonian food !


Christian Abegan (c) Bruno Levy

Christian Abegan has mastered afro-caribbean cuisine and is eager to share its gastronomy, spices and aromes. He has won the prestigious Afro-Caribbean  gastronomy prize in 2009. As a member of the jury in Star Chef, he has had one mission to show that African gastronomy is jsut as good as any other, it’s about sharing tips, recipes that are often not written but rather passed on among generations. Aside from being an excellent cook, Christian Abegan is also an artist you may catch him on stage and later on prepping the finest meals in a gastronomic restaurant in Paris.

More on Christian Abegan



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    Wonderful Post!! So many Talented African people… Thank you for this beautiful reminder. All the pictures are amazing. You write so good 😉


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