Foulards. Headwraps. Turbans

Whatever you want to call them, head wraps are part of a woman’s life. Whether used to cover their hair while cooking, tying it around your head while sleeping, or just looking stylish. These ladies have taken the “wrap” and made it creative, a way for women to feel confident and self-empowered.


The Wrap Life – From Ghana To Brooklyn    (c) Mirza Babic

TheWrapLife : It’s a Wrap!

The idea of The Wrap Life came to Nnenna Stella as she was working as a waitress in Manhattan. As she simply puts it she only wanted to purchase a headwrap and nobody sold them online. She then decided to start her own company in January 2014 and became a young entrepreneur in the big city. All of which wasn’t easy but we’ll discuss it more of the business aspect in Rise up : Business Tales.

TheWrapLife is more than a wrap, enhancing beauty, being unique in your own way.
Wrap it, fold it make it your own !

Check out their brand new collection : From Ghana to Brooklyn here



Pastel Walls and Popsicles (c) Joseph Rosado

Fanm Djanm : Be Bold !

Paola Mathé started her company in 2014 with eight statement pieces of wraps, sold from her apartment in New York. Fanm Djanm, which means “strong women” in Haitian Kreole  was built from a passion, a leap of faith, and a strong emphasis on empowering women.

Fanm Djanm collection exude fierceness, being bold and making a statement when entering a room. It’s the allure. Walk it, own it and work it !


Cee cee’s Closet : From Nigeria with love

Cee cee’s closet is another New York based company BUT every product sold is made by the company or handmade by artisans in Nigeria. Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo celebrate the creativity, uniqueness and spirit of West African culture, which also shines through fashion. The company sells everything from gift cards jewelry but we’ll focus on headwraps. The latter are must-have pieces in your closet : colorful, vibrant and feminine.

More on Cee cee’s Closet here

Josefa Da Silva : Avant-Garde

Josefa Da Silva is a fashion designer, inspired by her Cape Verdean roots to make bomb designs. Her designs have graced the runways of Accra and the shoulders of celebrities across the globe. Located in Boston, we’ve come across some of her headwraps and fashion desings on Instagram (see how internet works ! ) There’s no Josefa Dasilva show without a pop of color, and a slight touch of eccentricity.



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