French-Speaking Youtubers You Need To Know

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself” – Zoe Kravitz

Yes there is a plethora of youtubers everywhere, and we’re excited to share a selection (in no particular order) of five French-speaking youtubers. This is part of many series we’re highlight on this blog. Activate the subtitles on Youtube and let’s go !



(c) Nuby Beauty

             Repping Cameroon & killing it

Nuby or Joyce is a beauty lover based in Paris, France. She first started blogging under Nuby-Beauty ( which is no longer active ) and now focuses on her Youtube channel which makes her one of the hottest Black Youtuber in France.

Nuby shares her beauty secrets, hairstyle ideas,  & more with her 20k+ subscribers -> Here 

      Beaute Ebene By Bengine


(c) Bengine

                         Beauty & hustle

Talk about fashion sense and slayage on all front ! Bengine, a young mother, blogger, youtuber and entrepreneur has been active on the web since 2015. The 21-year old Haitian-French woman, has since then taken IG by storm, even launching her own business beaute ebene.

Her channel : edgy make-up tutorials, fashion and tons of fun !

                Chloe Kitembo


(c) Chloe Kitembo

            Ego Slayer. DR Congo Beauty

Chloe Kitembo caught our attention with her stunning, creative make up looks and visuals for days. She confessed to Galore that her channel was born out of boredom in Belgium after moving to a new city. Content, uniqueness and constistence is definitely a major key to success in becoming a Youtube/Instagram/Twitter sensation just as it is essential in any other carreers.

The latest about Chloe Kitembo



(c) Makeupchic119

                           The fun chick

Jane’s personality will have you wanting to be part of her girl squad. Through her hilarious story times weird (in a good way) make-up tricks Makeupchic119 is one of our go-to French makeup channel for a real good time. Over 100k subscribers and counting, Jane has took on many Instagram latest crazes i.e : burning your foundation for a smoother consistency or using kitchen tools to do her make up.

Fun & creative you can check her out here !



(c) TinyAndBrown

                Gloria & her Sweet Papayas

Gloria Grace Ade is no stranger to her “Sweet Papayas” – her subscribers but her content is gold and as gold-diggers ( as in looking for great content) , we dug to find her channel. TinyAndBrown is a goal-oriented Youtube channel. Through beauty tips, make up tutorials & precious advice on how to deal with exams, Gloria wants each one of her viewers to be inspired by all of those various themes, gain confidence and be motivated. You go girl ! More on TinyAndBrown


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