African prints : The Brands.

Let’s dip into wax-prints, fabrics and all that good stuff !

We’ve selected some of our favorite black-owned brands that are worth keeping an eye one.

Aso Dara : Connecting the dots through Fashion

Aso Dara was born out of the need and want of siblings to showcase the diversity in Pan-African fashion, beauty, culture and values. It is more than a brand it is a mind-set aiming at reconnecting and exploring “the parallels between the style and grace of their sisters in Atlanta to that of their sisters in Eko”.

The Nigerian owned brand specializes in clothing from headwear to swimwear. Aso Dara, roughly means “good cloth” in Yoruba is all about vibrant prints, texture and quality.

More on Aso Dara

Christie Brown : A true Taste of Africa.

Christie Brown is a Ghanaian luxury fashion brand specialized in women clothing. Founded in 2008 by Aisha Ayensu, Christie Brown has grown into one of the most successful brand on the African continent. Named after her grandmother, the Ghana-based fashion brand embodies tradition with a touch of modernity.

From working on Beyoncé dancers costumes for The Mrs Carter Show World Tour to her designs gracing the pages of Vogue Italia, Christie Brown exudes confidence, fierceness and sophistication.

“Her clothes and accessories have made a bold statement, painting the runways with a fuse of color and culture, fit for the contemporary African woman.” –

More on ChristieBrown

Nanawax : Made in Benin.

Maureen Ayité launched Nanawax in 2013. At the very beginning she was customizing bracelets to make the ends meet but soon found out there was a high demand. From her grandmother’s shop to now owning shops in four African cities, Nanawax is the epitome of an African success story. One prive sale at a time, Nanawax is one step closer to becoming the African Zara.

Nanawax website will launch in March 2017 !

Red Star Collection: where the Kentekinis & Dashikinis reign.

Miss Dunnie O is no stranger to the L.A scene. She is a successful event specialist, a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. Before launching, Red Star Collection, Dunnie Onasanya has organized events with la crème de la crème of Hollywood – Brandy, Tracee Ellie Ross, Meagan Good – to name a few.

Red Star Collection will have you slaying the beach next summer!

Maison Chateau Rouge : African. Street & Modern.

This Paris based brand celebrates the infamous “African” borough: Chateau Rouge in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. For any African living in Paris, Chateau Rouge rhymes with “Little Africa” in the middle of Paris. Leave the stereotypes at the door. Maison Chateau Rouge only purchase fabrics from Chateau Rouge merchants, while celebrating its uniqueness.

A wax fabric, a flair of modernity and you have a bold urban brand created by two Senegalese brothers : Youssouf & Mamadou Fofana.

More on Maison Chateau Rouge



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