Andrea Iyamah Resort Swim 2015

Andrea Iyamah : Edgy. Vibrant. Ethnic

 Strike a pose… VOGUE.

Dumebi Iyamah is a Nigerian born designer, and also the founder of Andrea Iyamah. The young and insanely creative fashion designer is our choice of the week in Fashionoire.

Whether opting for her ready-to-wear collection or her infamous swimwear pieces, one thing is certain, Andrea Iyamah has it all.

The adventure began at the age of 17 when she created her own brand. But let’s take a quick trip down to memory lane.

 At a very young age, the Ontario-based designer gave into her love for art and starting sketching designs at 11. Passionate about her craft, she started taking sewing lessions and taugh herself new techniques which brough her vision to life. She was a Communication and Multimedia student at McMaster University and later founded A.I. Through it all, she kept her vision alive and is now overseeing her own business.


Dumebi Iyamah : creator of Andrea Iyamah. Photo via The Style HQ

Being an entrepreneur at such a young age has had its shortcomings for the designer. She has shared some of those moments with TheStyleHQ. She states :

“The truth is I spend more time overseeing the over all sustainability of the brand which ranges from marketing, logistics and management besides the design aspect. Although we have an awesome team assigned to manage each department, it certainly gets difficult trying to be as involved as possible in all aspects to ensure the brand is maintaining a quality creative image.” – Andrea Iyamah

Far from being an easy route, the path to success demands dedication, tenacity and overall a strong belief in oneself.

In 2013, Iyamah, triggered by the desire to expand her market dipped into the swimwear world. With vibrant, edgy, vintage and ethnic pieces, Andrea Iyamah is part of every girl must-haves for the summer. Drawing inspiration from African cultures, the brand has put out more than seven collection since it first launcehd and the 2017 Swimwear collection is on its way!

“Strongly influenced by the brand’s African heritage, a blend of retro and various cultures inspired the colors and themes of the first official swimwear collection which launched in 2013” –  Andrea Iyamah Website

From the Lagos Fashion Week to JidennaLitte Bit More” video, her designs have been featured in publications such as ELLE South Africa or Essence.

Take a look at some of the brand’s most iconic swimwear pieces !

A sneak peak of the A.I 2017 Swim Collection

Andrea Iyamah Swim 2017

Andrea Iyamah Swim 2017


More on Andrea Iyamah



7 thoughts on “Andrea Iyamah : Edgy. Vibrant. Ethnic

  1. waxbyrosy says:

    Salut, tout d’abord merci d’être passé sur mon blog sans ça je n’aurai pas découvert ton blog qui est EXTRA !!! Le choix de tes photos, t’es articles en anglais, tu es totalement dans le futur lol ! Moi qui m’y connais beaucoup en culture et mode africaine j’ai appris pas mal de chose ! MERCI ! Je vais te suivre de ce pas. Et j’ai hâte de lire tes prochains articles 😉
    PS : je fais aussi des études dans le digital !


    • youngandafro says:

      Salut Rosy merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ça me fait vraiment plaisir! D’ailleurs en parlant de mode et culture africaine je sens que mes prochains articles vont te plaire 🙂 Et merci pour le like sur FB 🙂


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