Discover : Laolu Senbanjo



Lemonade Gallery – Copyright Beyoncé.com

Lights. Camera. Action

You’ve probably seen his name flash accross the screen at the very end of Beyoncé lastest album Lemonade. If not, you’re in for a great surprise. Laolu Senbanjo is the epitome of art at its rawest form. The Nigeria born artist has mastered the Sacred Art Of the Ori and infuses his Yoruba heritage through his artwork.

Everything is my Canvas” is his mantra. He is indeed a musican, an activist, a human rigthts lawyer, a visual artist. All of which merge to create Art, more precisely Afrofuturism in his case.


Laolu Senbanjo

Tradition & Spirituality

Hold onto your culture and spread its glory.

A simple look at his artwork is a glimpse of the Yoruba culture. His heritage is at the core of his art and transcend everything he touches. The ori is a symbol of the soul, the inner being.  Thus, there is no one to describe the sacred art of the ori  better than Laolu himself :

“The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Spiritually Intimate Experience. It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both. ” – Laolu


Sacred Art Of The Ori. 


The contemporary art scene has grown significantly in regards to African Artists. From Durban to the walls of the Tate Modern in London, the tales of talented African visionnaires have not been told yet. Laolu is one of them, a prime example of using your culture and  your talent to create a new vision, a new path, art.

Who’s to say where his phenomenal skills will lead him next? He has already worked as a Master Of Air with Nike at the Air max Con 2016 and for the likes of Taraji P Henson, Davido, Angelique Kidjo, Jidenna to name a few.

Inspired by the greatest, Fela Kuti, Sade and King Sunny Ade the best is yet to come for Laolu.

Photo Credit by Laolu Senbanjo

Take a look at Laolu latest artwork here


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